With the continual advances in the HVAC industry, making the investment into a new system for your home is a decision that requires the professional knowledge of indoor comfort control. At Comfort Temp Company we maintain two State of Florida Mechanical Contracting licenses, and are fully insured. All installation mechanics are EPA certified, back ground checked and hold many HVAC certifications. Our system replacements come with a full one year labor warranty for your peace of mind. We offer many brands and types of HVAC equipment, and always stay ahead of the market with the latest energy efficient systems. We have partnered with local utility companies to offer you every available rebate. Our residential comfort consultants will provide you with a written proposal detailing all costs up front including all manufacturer, government and utility rebates. Let us help you with this important decision.

Your HVAC system can only deliver indoor comfort for your home to it’s fullest potential if the air ductwork is properly installed and sealed. New building codes, materials and techniques for installing ductwork have created much more efficient and tighter systems. At Comfort Temp Company we have been testing and sealing duct systems for over two decades. Even before Energy Star standards were written, we were installing duct systems that met and exceeded them. We have had the privilege of helping the local municipalities develop their guidelines for duct sealing rebates and methods. Our duct mechanics are required to have at least five years of field experience and hold national certifications for duct installation. We pride ourselves in being able to seal and repair existing duct systems to lower the air leakage rates in existing homes. All duct sealing we perform is tested in house or independently with calibrated instruments to ensure proper results were achieved.

Today’s standards for indoor air quality have greatly increased with the vast research into building construction techniques and methods. At Comfort Temp Company we offer many unique and advanced methods of controlling your indoor climate’s particle count, humidity, temperature, and cleanliness. With our staff’s combined knowledge of building construction and engineering, we are able to evaluate each building’s air quality issues and provide a solution that benefits our client’s health and pocket book. We understand the challenges our sub tropical climate brings us, and have been a part of solving many of these issues on a consulting and hands on level. We staff certified indoor air quality hygienists and partner with engineering and research labs to test and control any situation. Our professional indoor air quality consultants are available to draft protocols for dealing with contamination and remediation issues.