Planned Maintenance Service

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Comfort Temp offers a precision tune-up to achieve maximum cooling and heating efficiency. Our 26-point inspection covers all of the important preventative maintenance checks that will keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Comfort Temp is committed to helping you stay ahead of north central Florida weather preparing your air conditioning unit for summer and your furnace for winter.

Each precision tune-up includes a new FREE standard air filter replacement. Please call at 352-332-2665 or email us at to schedule your appointment.

Inspect fan blades, housings and pulleys.
Lubricate the motor and/or grease the bearings.
Check and record voltage.
Check and record amperage draw.
Inspect and replace air filters as necessary.
Inspect and clean condensate drain as necessary.
Visually inspect duct connections at unit.
Visually inspect the evaporator coil.
Check all safety controls and limits
Check and record supply and return air temperatures.
Check carbon monoxide levels. (Gas furnaces only.)
Check and record gas pressure. (Gas furnaces only.)
Check and calibrate thermostat.

Check and record voltage and amperage.
Lubricate the motors as necessary.
Check crankcase heater. (Heat pumps only.)
Check starting components and electrical connections.
Check refrigerant line insulation.
Check all safety controls.
Check refrigerant pressures (Suction and liquid.)
Check refrigerant line temperatures.
Clean condenser coil.
Verify the condenser is level.
Apply protective coating to condenser.
Check safety and service clearances of unit.
Check disconnect and electrical conduit connections.