Welcome to our Commercial & Industrial Devision

Welcome to our Commercial & Industrial Devision

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Building systems are the life-blood of any facility. That’s why a strong and predictive HVAC maintenance program isn’t an option; it’s a must. Properly maintained HVAC systems can save from 5% to 15% in total building energy costs. While every piece of equipment will need to be replaced eventually, following a stringent, comprehensive maintenance schedule will prolong your building’s HVAC system and maintain not only a healthy bottom line, but happy, satisfied, and comfortable occupants. After we have collected all of the information from your building’s HVAC systems we can get a successful preventive and predictive maintenance program off the ground – one that is custom tailored to your building’s HVAC systems and environment.

The mechanical health of your building’s HVAC system can also rest on the condition of the air filtration system. Changing air filters frequently and using a quality filter can extend the life of your HVAC system. In lieu of full building maintenance programs we also offer filter replacement programs custom tailored for your building. The timing of filter replacement will be determined by the type of facility, the demand within the facility, and the environment in which the facility is located. We offer all varieties of filtration systems, from polyester filters to premium HEPA filters for every building’s needs. Replacing filters when needed based on measurements, in lieu of on a time based standard can improve the operation and efficiency of your HVAC equipment and increase the indoor air quality of your facilities.

Mechanical systems being maintained under a tight budget or by a building’s personnel may need to be surveyed periodically by factory trained technicians to verify proper system performance and maintenance procedures. We invest in many testing instruments and continual technician training to offer the highest value services available in the market. We can offer these services to building owners so there is not a need for them to invest in the costly training and instruments needed to continually and properly maintain their building’s systems. We also perform whole building surveys and have building control and monitoring systems available. Our whole building surveys can include air and surface contaminant sampling by our indoor air quality hygienist with third party lab reports.

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