With the continual advances in the mechanical industry, having a company with the knowledge of past mechanical systems design that keeps up with the most advanced technologies is a must, when it comes to merging past and future mechanical systems during equipment replacement. At Comfort Temp Company we have helped numerous building owners solve the critical and complicated process of replacing mechanical systems in occupied indoor environments. Our vast experience involves mechanical systems replacements ranging from roof top package units to multi-zone vav systems to chilled and hot water hydronic systems to lab and kitchen hood systems. We understand that every building has a unique mechanical systems design that must be maintained but improved upon in a cost effective way that is beneficial for all parties involved. We want to help all building owners make educated decisions about systems replacement.

Your building’s air side systems are only as good and energy efficient as the duct work delivering the conditioned air from the equipment to the conditioned spaces. As mechanical codes and installation techniques have changes over the years duct systems have evolved to be very efficient and effective delivery systems. Existing or improperly installed duct systems may not be sealed or may be falling apart causing highly efficient equipment to operate inefficiently. We have the knowledge and experience to solve these inefficiencies through many protocols designed to cost effectively decrease duct leakage. Many times during a building’s life span spaces may need to be remodeled or occupancy types changed thus involving duct modifications to be made. We are able to help in the redesign and replacement of duct systems during these circumstances. We can fabricate and install duct systems from galvanized steel to stainless steel to aluminum and duct board for all needs.

Today’s standards for energy conservation and indoor air quality have greatly increased with the vast research into building construction techniques and methods. We can offer many unique and advanced methods of controlling your building’s energy usage, indoor particle count, humidity, temperature, and cleanliness. With our staff’s knowledge of building construction and engineering, we are able to evaluate each building’s energy needs and air quality issues to provide a solution that benefits our client’s health and pocket book. We understand the challenges our sub tropical climate brings us, and have been a part of solving many of these issues on a consulting and hands on level. Our professional indoor air quality consultants and engineers are available to draft protocols for dealing with energy reduction plans, building contamination and remediation issues and mechanical systems modifications.